Discord or How to make Money

Discord app, a patented public-domain software used for chatting and voice messaging in groups like gaming, education, or business. It was developed by Hammer and Chisel but the concept of Discord came from Jason Citron and was launched in 2015.


The latest news that is revolving on the whole social media is that Discord’s valuation has risen up to $3.5 billion in this pandemic Coronavirus.

From the time of its launching till now, it had different reasons to become likable among users as developers of the app tell, our mission of making the app was to give a platform to Reddit communities but it also got popular in Esports and gaming communities.

In 2015, it was mostly used by gamers because they needed an open platform to be connected to the other partner or opponent players that increased its valuation to a high end.

After that, its use became superfluous because of the chats in the protests of summer’s Charlottesville.

As it is a free-ware so later on, many activists used it in the racism protests and again Discord popped up.


The company tried to erase all the groups related to the protests because the costumers demanded a hangout place where they can talk to their friends comfortably.

And now from 2019 to 2020, its users reached 100 million from 56 million and the users spend 4 billion minutes every day in the usage of Discord, it’s one main reason is social distancing because of Coronavirus.

The users created educational communities on it. The teachers are giving their all and all virtual lessons through it. Boy scout troops are using it in their communication. Protesters also use it to represent their point of view instead of spreading harassment. One of its developers says that now the app is used more for chatting, communicating, and bonding rather than its use for gamers.

Because of the maximization of the Discord’s customers to such an extent of 100 million, the company saved $100 million dollars and the app’s creator said that the funding would surely intensify the software’s features, the company, and the community.


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