How to Send a Message on Discord

Discord is the app for gamers of every age.  It is popular among everyone because it allows you to do a one-on-one conversation with a person by sending messages. You can also send messages to groups. It also provides the facility of voice messages which are liked by many people who get irritated by writing long texts.

You can send messages to a person or group without a server. If you are using Discord on your PC, then simply go to the “Discord icon” on the top right of the screen and choose “friends”. The friends’ list will be open then select the friend you want to send the message. Write the message in the bottom block and send it.

If you want to send a message to a member of the server you are a member too then log in to the Discord server by left-clicking on it. Right-click the member’s name and select a message from the menu. Then write the message and send it.

Discord allows you to customize your inbox. By clicking on Privacy and Safety you can manage who can send you the message or you are allowing Discord to automatically delete the unwanted messages coming from unknown people.

You can use this app on your iPhones and Android phones easily. Only you have to do is log in then you can start your conversation with your friends.

If you want to start a group chat it is important that all these people should be available on your friends’ list. If some of them are not your friends on Discord, first add them to your friend’s list. In a group chat you can add only nine people. You can easily add other friends in an on-going group chat. If you are sending a message to a single friend and want to add more friends in this conversation it’s possible. A new conversation opens that is available to you, your friend and others recently added in the conversation.

The person who has initiated the conversation can kick out anyone he wants. It’s easy to change the group chatting name by clicking on it.

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