Download Discord for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS

Discord is an app made for gaming communities which helps them to chat with each other, send audio messages, images and videos. It was released on May 13, 2015 and its developer is Discord. Inc. It runs on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS. You can also access it through different web browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

Discord is safe to use. You can even control who can send you messages. Discord is free to use. Most of the VoIP services are not free and some are rented but Discord is free to download and sign up. But there is a premium version of Discord that is not free if you are trying to have this, you have to pay and in return it provides you with to upload larger images.

If you want to use it, make a temporary Discord account. Then this account can be made permanent by registration. There is no need to select a unique name for your Discord account because you have to add four numbers with your name to differentiate it from other users with the same name.

When you are making your account and without finalizing you close the browser, the account will be no more. So click “claim account”, enter your email address and then see other instructions. If you want to create a server on Discord, first make an account otherwise it’s not possible. When you are done with making your server, you can invite your friends and people from other servers. You can send messages to your friends and a group of people separately who are not a member of the server.

You can also delete the server that you have made. But once you have deleted the server, it cannot be restored.

There is no way to find your friends on Discord by using their usernames or email addresses. So if you want them to be friends with you on Discord, they must be friends with you on another platform or you know their full Discord tag. If you have the full tag of your friend then send a friend request.